Make sure you don't use any activator before, if you do so. Uninstall it first - . By the way, make sure to run the program with admin rights. Now click on [1] – 「Activate Windows 8」. The CMD will be launched and will ask for your confirmation to continue the operation. Just press any key to continue. Wait until it completes and your system will be automatically logged- off. Sign-in or Log-in again & check for yourself. Watermarks are removed and you can personalize now your windows 8. To check your activation just click on [4] – 「Check Windows Activation」.
If you used the old version of this activator, just click on the – [2] 「Uninstall Activator」 on the Activate/Uninstall page of the said program. [ It can also be used to uninstall the WAT when you used the KJPirate8 –]. Then it will do the uninstalling process, and then will automatically restart when done. After rebooting your system you would see again the watermarks. Now click on [3] – 「Check System Files」 ,this will launched the CMD executing the sfc /SCANNOW command – . So it will fix all the system protected files that have been modified. [ It's just like the WATfix by Daz]. But the repair will be done or finished after the next reboot. So I also included a command that will restart your system after a few seconds.
Now during Logging-Off / Shutting Down you will observe that the system will show that it's configuring update, something like when you are installing updates.
After the reboot your pc is on normal state again, just like when it was been reformatted on the first time.
Hope you'll learn something on me. I also hope you'll find this software useful to you. Thanks!
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